Much anticipated EA Skate 4 Release

The EA Skate Game Series titles have tasted success from the very first day of their launch and all eyes are looking for the next EA Skate title that might come up. Codenamed EA Skate 4, the actual existence of this game in development is being speculated upon and it seems that we have to wait EA be releasing the fourth game in the EA Skate game series.

Skate 4
Where the heck is Skate 4?! We want to play it!!

While there are many fans eagerly anticipating the next installment of EA’s Skate Game series, namely Skate 4, it is highly unlikely that it will be released anytime soon – if at all. This is at least, is the opinion of EA boss John Riccitiello. Declining sales in the series, and a general consumer shift away from games that feature skateboarding in general, have been cited as the reasons for shelving the Skate Game sequel.

John Riccitiello said in an interview with Kotaku in December 2010, that the gaming industry has seen a huge surge in popularity in the skating and music genres, but that the popularity is only there for a limited time period. According to him, both skating games and Guitar Hero / Rock Band type games, have had their run of success for now.

This does not rule out the possibility of new music or skating games in the future – it all depends on the market interest and changes in technology. The Skate Game series has been very successful, with the first installment outselling rival Activisions Tony Hawk: Proving Ground by a ratio of 2:1 in 2007. The game was developed for the XBox 360 and the Sony PS3.

EA Skate games focused on accuracy, and the mechanics behind pulling off stunts and tricks, rather than story lines, upgrades and unlocks – that detracted from the Tony Hawk Skate Games. All tricks were unlocked and available from the beginning of the game, so players concentrated on just learning all the tricks they could, rather than grinding through levels to unlock them.

The second skate game in the series, Skate 2, was released in 2008. While the first one was regarded as innovative and heading in a new direction, the sequel was criticized for adding a story line that many described as ‘silly’, and for not adding much new content to the original. EA decided to do a third installment, due to good sales figures for Skate 2.

EA Skate 3 Game
EA Skate 3 – One of the beste Skate Games!

Skate 3 was released in May of 2010, and while it got good reviews, and was quite a polished game, it did not do well enough in sales to justify the immediate development of a sequel. The core of the series, namely the fine controls and accuracy needed to pull of tricks, was ‘dumbed down’ to allow the majority of casual gamers to enjoy the skate game. This alienated the hard core gamer following to the series, and it was not as well received as its predecessors.

In a similar move, Activision decided to cancel any plans for a Tony Hawk Skate Game sequel, for the same reasons EA is stopping development of future Skate games. Part of the reason for Activision’s poor sales figures, is the fact that the latest Tony Hawk skate games were bundled with controllers that players actually stood on, to perform the in-game actions. This pushed up the price of the skate games, and made it less attractive to casual gamers.

EA CEO Tony Riccitiello also stated (2010) that music and skate games have a limited sustainability as a series, in comparison to sports titles such as FIFA, NHL and the Grand Prix racing games. Other sporting games date quickly, since the real-world rosters change every year, but the same basic gameplay and core design is acceptable as a periodic re-release.

Rumors about EA Skate 4 ….today

Even though there has been no official announcement from EA, and the statements from Tony Riccitiello from 2010, the rumor mills are working overnight to get us the latest on EA Skate 4. Out of all the rumors we have heard till date, the most interesting ones indicate at the obvious reasons why EA could launch a new Skate (4) game. The biggest reason behind this is, that the first two skate games has been a highly profitable for EA, with all the Skate titles getting them nice, hefty shares in this gaming domain. Starting from EA Skate 1, the success and collections from the Skate titles have gone up with time and for me the EA Skate 1 and Skate 2 is regarded as one of the best skateboarding titles that have been made for consoles till date. …OK Skate 3 is a great game title too, but in Skate 3 the game loose too much realness for me. And because of not good sales of Skate 3, EA sadly dont´t release a new Skate 4 game for now. But in order to maintain their position in this genre, it is evident that EA would have to come up with Skate 4 by time. Further, it is obvious that there would be another EA Skate title when the right time come, is no other skateboarding title in the market, with Tony Hawk Pro Skater series getting scrapped. We will see what the new Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater HD brings for us (the only new skate game we have for now). So I hope by time EA will make a new Skate game for us skate phreakz! :P

Expectations from Skate 4

Since the entire concept of EA Skate production has changed from a regular, annual affair to a more spread out fashion, it is expected that the Skate 4 title could be a great improvement over the EA Skate 3. These expectations are based on some clear cut examples that are present for console titles. Taking the example of GTA series, the games in GTA had a huge gap between releases, particularly when GTA 4 was due. However, this huge gap meant that the developers were working hard and it was evident in the overall experience that was provided by GTA 4. The same is being expected from Skate 4, and this is definitely going to be hard for EA Games. Since the last version of the EA Skate games, Skate 3, had no good sales. The developers behind Skate 4 should make sure that the successful aspects of Skate 3 are improved and the cons of the game are weeded out. In my opinion they should make the new skate game such as realistic as possible. I read that the Skate 1 and 2 title had much more success as the skate 3 game, and the reason of this I think is because this first two skate games was more realistic than Skate 3. I read a lot that people don´t like skate 3 because its unrealistic skillz. I daresay the main customers are the real skaters and they (we :D) want realness. So this is going to be a big task, EA is known for great games and I hopefully think they focus what we fans want in a new skate game.

EA Skate 4 Trailer

Like every other EA Skate enthusiast, I have been hunting around for the latest news on Skate 4 since a long time. But there is nothing out there. Any news or Skate 4 trailers that come about would definitely be shared with you, so keep watching this space for more updates on Skate 4!

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376 thoughts on “Much anticipated EA Skate 4 Release”

  1. a game based off of biking would be insane for one and is getting really popular for two so garuntee youcould make a good suum of money and ot would be an awesome game

      1. well they did have the BMX games, they came out about the same time as the tony hawk games, but the mechanics of the games weren’t that good. but i would love to see a skate. game have both skating and biking even though that would defeat the purpose of the game being called skate.

        1. now what they really need is to make is a snowboarding game. the bikes would be cool but they could make “snow” an awesome game! we need a realistic snowboarding game and it could easily be done

          1. I would never buy any snowboarding game unless it had freeskiing in it too. Plus with a title called snow they would kinda need it.

        2. yes, BUT, the makers of mx vs atv probly thought the same thing when introducing atv’s.. but it was a huge hit.. they could very easily call it skate vs bmx ( or something along the lines) and skaters would love it, and bmxers (like myself) would like it even more!

          1. hi,

            do you not think when they make more than one genre in a one game. That we loose quality for each skate game and bmx game when it´s combined?!! I think they should better make a seperately BMX game!


          2. I totally agree too the bmx I love skate but I’ve played it so much I’m getting bored of it, I wish ea would make a sick bmx game, with the gaming technology and the graphics I deacon they could make an awesome bmx game.

        3. they better make a skate 4 or im be pissed nobody wants that bmx but skate 4 and bmx they both good but skate 4 pepole are going miss tricklineing btw add my cuz YGZ x VeNoM he better then albert he justs play 2k13 with kspade qjb ipodkingcarter aiirjones and all them other ppl he on xbox

      2. yes Damien, a BMX game would be kick ass, if they do it like they do that skate 3 game, I’m a big Skate games and Skate 3 is my fav, but a BMX game would rock

      3. Man I want a bmx style game just as much as the next guy, I reckon it would be epic but I just dont know how you would merge the tricks into a controller whereas for skate the whole flip motion works perfectly. Having said that I’m no game designer so im not to sure how it work.

        I still feel like the closest ill get to doign sweet ass bmx stuff is in my dreams not a game =[

        1. Not enough variety, BMX barely has enough variety to keep up with skating. You would do both in the same game though, the environments (to be realistic as always) would not be different for BMX or Skating, so the only real difference is the mechanics behind the 2.

      4. They were thinking about bringing a BMX game out this year but the creators couldn’t raise enough money for the development of the game :/

    1. insead of biking a game involving all boards and a seperate bmx game would be better for snow long and mini borders like myself and bmxers like you

    2. None of you should even play skate go play tony hawk because you are all posers snowboarding is lame skiing ins lame scooter are super fag hey they might as well make a rollerblading game…. Call it sarcasta skate God damn its a skate post go start a skiing bike snowboard post somewhere else your all ruining the chances of the game coming out sooner

    3. I agree that a bmx game would be cool. But i think that the skate 4 should give u options on what to choose.U can either play with a skateboard, pro scooter,and bmx anytime in the game.(Just an opinion)

    4. I personally think they should make skate 4 a more of a sandbox game where your decisions and actions effect your game they should also add the ability to use vehicle/transport in the game ranging from skateboard obviously to cars (purely for faster travel across map) they should also incorporate more than one city have a whole state/country they should also include pros and ams like Alva Mullen prod daewon Jerry hsu terry Kennedy Andrew Reynolds or even some of the female skaters like Lynn-z Adams Hawkins (now pastrana) Ellisa steamer etc they should also add parks such as kona skate street Woodward skatopia berricks vans etc the improvements and upgrades that can be made to it are endless but all we can do is wait to see if and when ea make and release it if they ever do

    5. Skate 4 for new gen systems with extreme realism, new pros and game physics that coorespond with real tricks, pushing, landing, body movements, falling, walking (and running) and with a no tony hawk feel would break the banks
      Facts – Matt Boeser

    6. It would be awsome if theye combine bike skateboard and all other skate vehicles sorry couldn’t come up with the names not very good with English but that would.make a huge sale for them like you can just pick the thing you like or swap when ever you want to go longboarding or whatever :D

    1. Yeah Skate 3 is a great game, I love all the Skate Games, but Skate 2 was a little bit more realistic than Skate 3. Whatever… we need a new Skate Game :D

      1. skate 2 was better than skate three brcuse of the envioment skate 3 was too down u gota make us wona skate something we gota find and ther was no multiplayer for me and the homies

        1. ya that was the biggest thing for me! i was hopin for some free roam multiplayer action… but instead they ditch it all together! multiplayer is the ONLY thing tony hawk has on skate…

  2. Skate 4 needs more teams and mare skaters like Shane o’neill on skate
    Mental, Wes kermer on sk8mafia, and add guys like levi brown,Jamie Thomas, Rick Howard, Sean malto,theotis Beasley, Ryan decenzo, kenny hoyle, Daewon song, Torey pudwill, jimmy carlin, Stefan janoski and bring back paul rodriguez. They should add some ams too like felipe Gustavo, Elijah Berle, stevie perez,Scott decenzo,and Sasha Daley. They should also add the berrics and the berrics west Chester park where you could do stuff like a first try Fridays,battle royal, bangin,and battle comanders. They should also do updates where you can get updated deck graphics too

    1. Hola Zach,

      haha… your suggestion is great ! ! ! 8)
      I´m complete with you for bringing back Paul Rodriguez.
      Would be cool too add own deck graphics. I love to play online, would be incredible when they make multiplayer Skate Contests.


      1. Yeah they should bring back where you can buy property an put in private parks or buy other parks. They should also bring back diamond supply co

    2. Dude I’m totally with you on the pros (especially P.Rod) and your idea about the Berrics would be sick!!! It would be so fun to pretend like you’re filming with Chase for a Battle Commander or Bangin’! or something. Also, for the First Try Fridays idea and just for the whole game in general, they should make it so if you try to do a nollie flip or something and you don’t flick the analog stick right then the board doesn’t flip right, like maybe overflip or underflip and you’ll miss it same goes with grinds that would be awesome!!

    3. Hey throw Tony Hawk in there too! who cares if he didnt go with ea. He is still on of the greatest Skaters of all time. I think instead of you putting them on your team, they ask you. not in a way that skate 3 did it with Mike Caroll and Lucas Puig. Money should play a factor in this. like you start out with a crappy board. (Planed Out) you try a big flip (when your board does a 360 flip and you do a 180) or some other crazy trick (THE NAC from street dreams) and your board breaks and you spend like 60 dollars on a new one. and people ask you to film a line or some other jobs to earn more money for better items. no instead of teleporting to the skate shop. you have to take a train or ride your bmx bike down. i say put sonsors back in. now the reason for no release date or any declaration oif them even making one is because Cuz (yes he is real) and his team was sent over to SSX to bring in the skate platform. now that it is released. they might start working on the game. I think that if Skate 4 were to include these thing it would be the greatest Skate game ever made:
      More Pros
      Real contest like : Tampa AM, Street Leauge, Dew Tour, X Games Vert, Street, Park , and Big Air.
      Breakable boards
      Complee board customization (griptape to graphic)
      If the next Skate game were to be like this, in my opuion would be the greastest skate game nknown to man

          1. No they should not make a faggot shitty scooter game, that would be a huge waste of money, Scooters are for kids. They’re also shit.

          2. Yes. They should. Maybe add it as a bonus board to Skate 4? Not ultra-realistic, but like an easter-egg secret unlockable thing for pratting around on. Sounds good to me.

      1. wow. thats just epic. i mean throw in the comps, and new faciliteis like the fantasy factory, the berrics, maybe even woodward parks or super popular skate spots like hollywood high, el toro, the leap of faith just to make it more interesting.
        i like the idea of ams and pros in the mix, becuase youd get two completly different sides of skateboarding. youd have the hardcore professional atmosphere and the even more hardcore am atmosphere.
        they need alot more skaters though. and more teams. like the black label guys, alot of the flip guys, some toy machiene pros, mabe zoo york. it just needs more variety. because in the skate franchises all you see is the more direct pros who live, breathe and eat skateboarding.

  3. to be really honest and i dont want to dissapoint people , but blackbox is bankrupt thats why there is was no announcement at e3 , skate one got took down

    plus has anyone noticed how bad the servers are on skate 2 and 3 :P

    in my opinion i want a skate 4 to come out , but sorry i dont think its gonna :(


    RiP Skate 1 ( Skate. )

      1. rise tune here they are going make one if yall want to be in one of my videos im haveing one today at 7:00 with my cuz YGZ x VeNoM on xbox just add him and he will tell me skate is alive

      1. i used to get down on them things and if i see one in a buddies garage ill hop on it! idk about a whole game for scooters though. we need a universal game to where we can skate bike scooter snowboard and even for the fags we could put blades in it! but i just need a new skate game!!!

      1. scooters are for posers people who dont want to actually commit to skating or riding. now as for a snowboard game that isnt as lame as ssx would be a brilliant idea. so please someone wake up and make a new skate, bmx, and shred game all three would do very well.

  4. It would make skate 4 even cooler if we get to put sticker on our board.we should also be able to pick our own griptape like shakejunt and grizzly.Also it might need new pros like eric ellington,ryan shecklar,p rod,torey pudwill,chaz ortiz and new supra shoes like the tk society.And be able to put pros on our team.

    1. Micheal and Richard. I love you guys. That’s exactly what I want to see. And don’t fotget Sean Malto. kate 3 just wasn’t what I expected. It felt like I was playing tony hawk, but a tweaked version. We need a game for pure skaters like me!!!!!!!

  5. skates are really fun video games.. it all goes back to the wars the publishers are having. tony hawk was made by the makers that made call of duty black ops. now ea controls more of the sports and extreme sports video gaming market and they want to rub it in others face.

  6. If i didnt think it would defeat the purpose of having seperate games for skating, bmx, and snowbording i would love to see EA come out with just an extreme sport game with all of them packed into one with a story line based off of one person’s rise to fame through all of the different forms of extreme sports.

    1. hay,

      I think when´s too much in one game the quality is less. We see that in actual games. They should focus on one game, and this they have to make 120% percent. Then I think the people out there will buy their product again. And they have no problem like with skate 3.

      Would really awesome to have one game with all in it, skate game, bmx game, surf game and snowboarding game. But how I said before, then we get no good quality.

      1. well i was kinda just playing at what the Tony Hawk games kinda did, in undergroud they added a little bit of car mechanics, and in American wasteland they introduced bikes and it was really fun and had missions based off of that, but i do agree with you the more they put into it the lower the quality.

      2. Dude they shud bring out a game with skating for us skaters, bmx for the bmxers , and sumtin like snowboarding for the snowboarders, and you get to choose which story you wanna play :)

  7. The thing that mostly put me off about Skate 3 is that there’s NO playing S.K.A.T.E. …I mean c’mon! And no multiplayer?!.. I definitly want the old classics back in Skate 4.. And I want that Reda guy from Skate 2 to be the commentator again! He actually entertained me a little! =P

    Viva La Skate..!!

  8. Yeah multiplayer in these times is a must. Skate multiplayer with virtual skate contests on real skate parks I want!!


  9. What I’d do first off to have both styles is have the choice of realism and just arcade. That was kind of done in Skate 3 depending on the difficulty but maybe get further into it. Maybe not in difficulty but maybe just a whole mode with arcade mechanics, games, tricks, etc. About realism: semi-permanent damage on your board and skater in the sense that you will stay damaged until you decided to restart. Also do what Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland did which is make you go to the store skating or walking to actually buy clothes or yeah make you have to buy your stuff not just unlock. That goes with paying for a haircut and actually going to a barber shop :) Maybe more insane parks? More well known skaters? More customization? Maybe end up doing a whole new engine for the game too or use some engine out there and modify it. Now to top it off and make it the best game in history I’d say add BMX like TH’s: American Wasteland had. I loved it yet so many trash talked about it for some reason. And no, no scooters. That was fun in the 90s and lets keep it that way. lol :D

    1. hay,

      sick suggestions IceKoldKilla ;).
      Maybe the guys from EA Games read some ideas on this place too. So it´s good to post ideas and what you dudes want to have in a new Skate 4 Game.
      Think Scooter is waste of time too, no one wants this garbage.. :P They have to make one right skate game and that they should make that right. As soon as another thing is in, we get less quality in other parts of the game. The developers should more hear to their customers. When the real skaters are happy with a skate game they have won, because this are the long time customers. And then they have no problems to selling it. But when they shot out some crap game like Skate 3 before its updates, where I can make 10feet olli´s – Instead I can buy Spongebob Surf & Skate Roadtrip :D Skate 3 is really not bad, but where was the realness which we all want… and then EA´s just wondering because it bad sellings…

  10. No skate 4. EA Blackbox in Vancouver was closed, and they said a long time ago that skate was a trilogy. Look online as much as you want, but no skate 4 is being worked on.

  11. Damien,

    not to crush your hopes here, I’d love to see this game as well. But sales of both Skate 2 and 3 were less then Skate 1, with the later of the two having the lowest of the 3 titles…

    EA is about making money, not making fun games… It’s a long shot that this will happen unless they can find a way to get it back to the awesomeness that was Skate 1 instead of taking the unrealistic approach they did in 2 and 3…

    1. Hay James,

      you do not crush my hopes. I think Skate 3 is not the last game we will see. When the next skate game is not called Skate 4 then EA will surely give another cool name. I said before it´s all about money when skating is in the mainstream again, and EA think they can make money again they surely will develop a new skate game. Another point is, that EA should more hear to the hardcore skate customers. When they shot out some shit like Sakte 3 where you can make unbelievable high ollies the main customers (real skaters) dont buy it. The most skate game players don´t like unrealistic moves and tricks because the most are real skaters, and they (me too) want to play as real as possible.

      Looking forward to read some more opinions for a new Skate Game dudes :P

  12. they need to make it possible to break your board cuz if you do a big gap or if you have been skating you board it should break and you should have to buy a new one

  13. The problem is, the “real” skaters aren’t a big enough audience to create a game just for them. Most gamers do want to skate faster than real life and jump crazy stuff because it is unbelievable and fun. If we wanted to spend all day trying to get a 3 inch ollie, we would just get on a real board. All three skate games were great, each was better than the one before it…but the elitist complaints helped convince EA that they were on the wrong track. They made the game, and it didn’t sell as much as the first, and then on top of that, all the “real” skaters filled forums with complaints about unrealistic ollies and spins….why should they bother to spend more money making a game just to have people get mad at them? I wouldn’t.

    1. yeah but not only the “real” skaters want to have more realness. For example look at the ego shooter genre. They develop it realistic as possible because all gamers want it realistic as possible. Look on the racing genre realistic as possible, and they have success with it. Basketball games, soccer games all going to be to have more realness in it. Why not in skate games?

      1. It is subjective. Soccer games are not that realistic when you have the ability to score a bunch of points against the other team. In Fifa, I have regularly won games by 10 or more points…real soccer has much lower scores. Basketball has both, because many people like NBA Jam which is over the top and arcade. Racing has multiple types…Need for Speed, Midnight Club, or realistic like Gran Turismo or Forza.

        With skate, I think they kept a good balance. It was exciting for people like me, and had enough realism that it should have pleased more skaters than it did. The fact that people were nit-picking over how easy it was to ollie onto a table top is proof that the game was really made well. Plus, for the people who didn’t want to “Jump The Shark”, you never had to do it. You could spend all day skating on one stair case trying to get the perfect grind and edit the film to make everything perfect….that would drive me nuts, but some people would be pleased….the game was balanced like that.

        I honestly believe the combination of lower sales, and extreme complaining from the elitists is what helped EA make the decision to end the series. If you aren’t pleasing the small group you are targeting, it is better to shut it down and keep making games that are pleasing their audience. The sad thing for us is they were making people happy, and now we have to suffer because of people refusing to be pleased with what they get.

        1. hola compadré,

          ya I´m mostly with you, it´s impossible to match everybodys expectations. Anyway I think when they hear more to the customers and make market analysis. It´s possible to have success with a new Skate game. Look on Activision they try it again with Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater HD. It´s not save that they have success with this new skate game re-realease, but they tryin´ it ..and that´s kool! 8)

          We will see what we get in the future. I try for next Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater :)

        1. and i still play mx vs atv unleashed! it has heli’s, planes, dirt bikes, atv’s, GOLF CARTS, trucks, etc. idk one person who has played it and doesn’t love it.. its a great game! but eric… snowboarding… really? not in a skate game. I’m a hardcore snowboarder, so id personally rather EA make a strictly snowboard/ ski game, and hell throw in a snowmobile for the heck of it! but the contrast between skating and snowboarding is too big to do doubles on that… HAPPY SHREDING!

          1. c´mon a ski game will never bring sellings for EA that they make some good game for us. The same when they combine a snowboarding game with a skiing game. When they should focus on one snowboard game. And this they have to make 120%. Out there you can´t match everybodys opinions but when you make one in the write way it´s better if they make 3 games inside all all 3 are crappy. To develop a game costs much time and money. And to develop a two or three game combination like. Skate game, snowboarding game and BMX game in one. It´s very expensive and the history shows us that all these combination games are bullshit. One game and this in da right way :D

            VIVA LA SKATE DUDEZ :P

  14. If any game developer is gonna make another good skate game with realistic physics. It’ll probably not be EA or Activision. Maybe Rockstar will give it a shot and make a skate game.

    1. Did you ever do the insane jumps in the GTA games? You want realistic physics, Rockstar should be your last call. Of course, I love slightly unrealistic physics, so I would probably love their skate game…but I doubt it would be what you are looking for.

  15. skates an awesome game buh if there was to be a ea bmx dam!! you’d make so much more than a skate bored game , not trying to start an argument here buh bmxing is more popular that skating and thats not just me saying it, its a fact bmxings way more mane stream compared to skate bored with is kept more underground …

  16. jamie walsh I completely agree with you, aha I’m not even into bmx buh ied for sure much prefer it to skateboarding, sounds lame but all i do on skate any ways is pretend to be a bike aha kick out the flairsss

  17. I love all the skate games but i think skate 3 is the best, with the feel of the skater and the darkslides etc its so much better, skate 2 city was the best but skate 3’s mechanics of the game where the best, in skate 3 there just wasnt enough to skate, too much space wasted, in skate 2 everything was crammed in but with a decent enough space, plus in skate 3 you cant see where you are in the map so you can set a session marker or somthing to skate later, i for one will buy skate 4 the day it comes out, and i hope it delivers

    1. I´m with you buddy.
      But I think we have to wait for a new Skate 4 game, or whatever a new skate game named by EA. For now we have to focus on Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater HD as a new skate game.


  18. yo whats goin on homie, I suggested this in a ‘what would you like to see in skate 2′ forum a while back, and people seemed to think it was a great idea. Instead of having a selected playlist, i thought it would be dope to have sponsors like skullcandy, and apple or even zune… My point with these companies would allow you to have an ipod/zune IN GAME where you can select your own music. Just use a usb flash drive and upload what tunes you want to the game. We all know the skate playlists are memorable, but sometimes annoying… and it would be fuckin wicked to always have music bumpin instead of rolling past a spot and it goes in and out.
    Not to mention, i know for a fact skullcandy would get behind it. theyve got a damn mini in their wearhouse, can you smell secret mini?!

    1. hola,

      yeah that would be nice. I would love some kind of details in a new skate game, but it´s expensive to make it real because the developers have to buy all licences. ….and I think for example a Apple licence is not cheap :D

  19. they should make it where you can buy houses and build your own backyard sktepark out of wood and planks and where you are a new person who has just starting skateboarding and not a pro(like the first one). you would start off in a small apartment and get side jobs for whenever you where running low on money(like cab driver or helping out at skate shops) and no fast travling… you could have a car to drive places… and have it where your boards break and you have to buy newones everytime( it got boring when i had every board and they just sat there… if they are gona have more time to work on it… make it more realistic to how skaters live not just how they ride

    1. … lol SIMS Skate or a GTA Skate Game :D

      In my eyes I don´t need to buy houses. Think as much they put in as less we get the skating in the main thing. They should focus on good skating, skateparks, mechanics, then on cool details like, board health, graphics…

  20. They need 2 player free skate,blood,more challenges,and a bigger landscape. Also a snowboarding game with the same mechanics would be amazing.Bring on Skate 4!

    1. Hay Chezwick,

      haha cool idea with blood and the possibility to die or break, legs, arms and neck :D
      And a awesome big Landscape would be dope too buddy.

  21. each new skate is the same basically. they need to make a skate 4 that has real changes here are some ideas
    1. maybe when you flick the stick to do the trick you have to hold it and watch it come around and then either have a catch button or let go of the stick or something like that. and depending on how good of a catch it was you could land sketchy or clean.
    2. skating tranny sucks on the first 3 skates, you can only really do airs lip tricks arent good. they wouldnt even have to change it completely maybe just make a miniramp mode where everythings different and you could skate it like real life. an example is to do a rock to fakie you could roll up pull alil back on one of the sticks to lean back and push forward to make it tap the coping then back to come back in then forward to get your front wheels back on the ground
    3. switch the sticks around when your riding switch so its harder and really is switch
    4. add ways to style tricks like in the other games you cant do a bs flip by landing 90 and reverting quickly all sexy how pros do it, or if they did my first idea you could flick it in a way that tweaks it and catch it boned
    anybody else have ideas along these lines?

    1. dope ideas dude!

      point 3 is really sick with switched sticks ….muaahahaha :D
      Hope EA is reading with us to see what for nice ideas we have.

      Some more here wrote for boardbreaking.

      – Sick Soundtrack with some oldslool hiphop titles
      – boardbreaking
      – bonebreaking (maybe with blood)
      – …

      Give some more ideas dudez!

  22. Man, all we need now is a pro skater with masses of money to invest in EA skate. The bigger, the better! :P anyway I think skate 4 possibly wants two story lines. Still keep it free roam like GTA but I love city AND parks, so one story line being a semi-pro skater in the suburbs and the other totally opposite with pro skateboarding and ALOT of pro competitions like the x-games or maybe the Dew tour?

  23. Just make skate 4 at least have the option of horrendous gore for all the hard bails. That’d make it so much fun, instead of the hall of meat diagram telling you what happened… come on, i wanna see what happened! HAHA

  24. I think if they make a Skate 4, they should make more stairset actually hit-able instead of having to just hit handrails and hubbas all day. They should also bring back the option of picking sponsors and whatnot

  25. ive got an idea what about a game where its a massive mountain and you can get down it by snowboardind,BMXing,skating and maybe canoeing.Also there could be challanges down the mountani in which you can unlock better formus of transport and new mybe a hang glider?whats you thoughts?

  26. Skate 4 would’nt need much, adding in flatland like primo slides etc, better off board experience such as climbing, hell even parkour would be awesome, I’m a skater so keeping the mechanics realistic is what makes it SKATE. For ps3 like burnout paradise did adding in your own custom playlist ass I have skate 3 for Xbox and nothings better than crusing to my favourite tunes like I do in real life, they should keep BMX out of it, and keep it seperate, adding long boards for faster travel would be great. ea trust me it’s a master piece leaving us wanting more.

  27. Cant wait to see skate4. Best skateboard game ever!!! soo fun and gnar to play. it would be awesome if EA make snowboard game. But without much powder, more street. Bunshee Bungee, drops, rails, stairs ledges etc. That would be Sick. I think some day something like that will came up.. SW snowboarding was really poor, Stoked was better, but its not how it should looked like. It should be like skate. About skate 4, it would be awesome if stuff would get ussed and not good to ride, like broke board, ripped clothets. I hope to see it soon!!! Good Job EA!

    1. i loved shaun white snowboardiong! I discovered a glitch on how to get out of the map on Japan but never showed anybody. lol but that game is AMAZING :)

  28. Skate 4 definately would need to be more like skate1 and 2 and act like skate 3 never existed. Adding darkslides was a cool idea, but when it came to doing them it looked clunky and the animations were rather hurrendous, especially when flicking out of them. They need to add things like board damage, freestyle tricks, more flick tricks that are harder to do (impossibles, casper flips), breakable bones (where u can actually see the arm or leg bent). It just needs to be a better game in general. AND MORE MULTIPLAYER MODES!

  29. yeah carl i agree with you man E.A have to start reading theese and taking some of the fans ideas into consideration so skate 4 can become anodr bestselling game like skate 1 and skate 2 also i think you shud have to wax ledges and buy new griptape like you have to do in real life skating and they have to introduce more companies like grizzly griptape and itbe cool if you were able to make yur own company and to do challenges nd interviews to promote yur own skate companies in the game there better be skate 4 :)

  30. Skate4? Just bring back skate1!! I was ranked 64 overall and #1 in the world for s.k.a.t.e! On xbox , Unbeatable. Spent years playing and loving that game, best online game ever to me (probably cause I was so good). I miss it so bad. Skate2 was alright, skate 3 was a FLOP online. Only liked S3 for darksides and create a park. Bring back S1! Naow (: I get massive urges to play it but can’t, just go online and set my favourite trick, sucks how they took it down. EA sucks. Now I just play mw3 all the time. Would be s1, but noooo.

  31. i think that if they would mix up the atmosphere from OG skate and skate realisticness and skate 3 tricks(and add some new of course ;D)it would be really coooool

  32. I have to disagree, te introduction of hardcore mode made it oodles more realistic then skate 1 skate 2. As well as the create mode. Skate 1 had best Map and story but skate 3 has the absolute most realistic physics

  33. Skate 3 is official i skate for real. So my experience with all 3 skates has been like really going out. Theres tons of stuff to do now, i mean the tricks and the way you do them is so realistic its like the analogs are your feet. Skate 4 should have new areas like cities google mapped and stuff. And they need to put a jamie thomas character in the game wth. New old tricks like impossibles and daffy manuels. I liked the story idea it worked for me they should do that again maybe a few more contests like germany. Thanx for reading my thoughts.

  34. They most likely wont release a new one until the next gen consoles are released, and the situation of blackbox kind of makes me wonder how would make it if not them and what it would be like. I love the series the third is my favourite simply because how polished and non-glitchy it is (this is what bugged me with S2) but I hope EA wont make some quick rip off just to make a buck. It would seem like a good idea to make a new skate for the launch of the new consoles, so they could make greater improvements into the physics and graphics of the game. I think on the current hardware the Skate series is already pretty much perfect :D Yeah, and as a longboarder it would be cool to see longboards in the next game!

  35. The game would be cooler with skateboards, and biking, but it defeats the purpose of it being called Skate, or they can just call it Ride. But it would get EA more cash, since the population of BMXers’ have increased decently in the last few years.

    1. A sick BMX game would be awesome. :D
      They should it make real like skate 2. But I think before we get such kind of BMX game, EA will firstly make the new Skate 4 or however the next skate game title from EA will be named.

      cheers dudes
      Viva La Skate

  36. I still think rather than individual players, they should have teams. Like board company pros and ams, and also shoe company pros and ams. It’d be much better. I want more customization

  37. ithink alot of these ideas are sweet, but why not make a game called RIDE
    Moutain biking bmx and skateboarding,snowboarding no blades or scooters fuck that, make the missions like the nitro circus show, hell throw dirt bikes atvs, even snowmobiles too, of all the games ive played im a extream skate fan, #2 for me, anyways ive never seen a realistic snowmobile game, or snowboarding and bmx.
    Actually make a double pack game, one called ride for skateboarding, snowboarding,moutain biking and bmx and a game called brrrap for dirt bikes, atvs, and snowmobiles make it realistic, brand name stuff, blood gore, fighting, they should hire all of us fans to make the games since were the ones with the ideas here, lol what they do is make fan pages for that reason, take all are good fuckin ideas lol, all im trying to get at is make anouther skate game there awesome, but if they made something from one choice id pick eather bmx or snowboarding, make something different so ppl are left woundering what its about, thats how ya make money and sales

  38. I would like to see Skate become more realistic.I’m mostly annoyed by the fact that players can switch their stance during a game of SKATE instead of doing the trick they’re given.

  39. this is so lame skate makes you feel like your skateboarding. me and my friends allways i repeat allways play skate then any sport game out there it be stupid to stop making it. if skate stops i will no longer have respect for ea any games and i will stop playing systems and ill tell everyone i know not to buy another ea game.skate is still in the gene music sucks for video games thats why music cant survive as a game if i wanted to play some music ill play my guitar

  40. honestly in my opinion if EA would put as much time into the skate series as they do with the same old boring and stupid Madden and NBA games they could make Skate 4 awesome and they good do a really good story like the whole getting sponserd thing if they wanted like you start from nothing and work your way up and put actual skate parks and sponsers like flow and work up to like plan b and stuff they need to have actual pro skaters help them with ideas and put the game setting in a new location.

  41. I would love to see a super realistic snowboarding game from EA which includes:
    Real Physics
    Very High Detailed Graphics
    A ton of fully licensed snowboarders
    Winter X games
    Open World Mountains and Resorts
    A entertaining, realistic Career
    Ability to create your own character
    Epic Atmosphere (very important)
    Good, fitting Music and Soundtrack
    Real Mountains and Places
    Licensed Brands and Stuff

    Well I hope that game comes out sometime…
    It should be called The Art of Flight ;)

  42. OK first off we should be able to create/ edit video for our sponsors and or just because. I would also like to see more tricks like casper flips, primos, 540 flips, pressure flips and slot more. Skate4 should also have real shops and more realistic Parks. Oh yea and add more skaters like Shane oneil , Paul rodriguez, Steve Berra, Richie Jackson, ex.. Also make hippie flips manageable!

    1. ya this kind of new tricks were dope. I think when it comes to a new Skate 4 they will make actual pros in it. We will see when and what we get in a new skate title :P

  43. Thanx 4 all ur ideas dudes. A supa doopa realistic snowboard game were sick too mate. For me personally a BMX game were dope. But I think all this games should be come separately. One game with all in it will be crap. When all is in it I swear then we get low quality at all. One game, but this in perfection..

    I´m looking forward to the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD. It´s not Skate 4, but with THPS we´ll get a new skate game 4 now. A lil´light at the end of the tunnel :P

    Hope EA will read here to get your sick ideas! :D

  44. EA is not reading this. They just aren’t. They don’t care about your ideas. They care about money. They are not going to listen to gamers. Not gonna happen. EA is gonna do what EA is gonna do. Some of these ideas will probably end up in Skate 4 (if it ever even happens) not because they’re good ideas from you people, but because they’re just common sense to have. Stop kidding yourselves folks, you’re just wasting your breath. BMX games were tried, inline skating games were tried, neither faired well. And a scootering game?! Are you serious?! Real skateboarders will not buy a scootering game. Thats just ridiculous. EA would go bankrupt if they released a scootering game. A realistic snowboarding game on the eve of SSX coming out is pretty likely. Skate 4 is probably not gonna happen. Wanna know the real reason why? Its not Mass Effect, not Battlefield, not any mainstream sports game, not the Sims. These games can be released on a annual basis and do better in sales every year. Skate won’t. Best case scenario, they release another Skate, probably downloadable. To shut you up, and do as little as possible because they know you’re still gonna buy it.

  45. You guys have all got great suggestions, boardbreaking and death and stuff, but I’ve got one that rocks. You may remember Tony Hawk’s Project 8, which had what I always thought was the white house. Basically I’m suggesting that EA put in not just real life parks, but real life monuments as well. And not to start a big thread or anythng but EA have been selfish not letting Turn 10 have the licensing to put Porsches in Forza Motorsport 4. Also add me on Xbox Live I am TBoneSteak19.

  46. i like skate 2 more than skate 3 mainly because i could do the skate 2 story , then i went online with my friend and did all the challanges and it made it last alot longer and gave the game more meaning because i got to do those challanges with a friend .

  47. You said you dont think Skate 3 was realistic, or at least less realistic than 1&2. My question is did you even play “hardcore mode”? Cus’ i mean i’ve went back to 1&2 and they are waaaaayy too easy :p

  48. If EA has a track record of anything it’s keeping franchises going so I expect another skate game to come out eventually.
    If anyone who works at EA or Black Box or whatever reads this, which is likely since this is, you guys….

    …should set skate 4 in 3 different cities (north america, europe, asia?) in order to provide a variety of new and interesting spots.

    …should remove the 3 difficulties that Skate 3 implemented, instead going back to Skate 2’s single difficulty, which was more between Normal and Hardcore on Skate 3).

    …should bring back the Fun Track from Skate 2 as well, no questions asked.

    …should improve the matchmaking system to make it easier to find people to skate with

    …should not try to combine bmxing and scootering into it like people have said above, if you want to make a bmx game make it stand alone from the series to keep the quality of gameplay high

    …should improve on the park creator’s abilities/capacities and allow people to make their own spot battles to play online, there was the spot creator in Skate 2, but you could only download other spots and play it by yourself. And in Skate 3 you could only freeskate at the custom parks, not play an actual match with score kept at them.

    …should change the rules of SKATE back to Skate 2’s rules from Skate 3 to make it more playable.

    I’m sure I’ll think of many other things later, but really, whoever makes Skate 4, just use your creativity and listen to what people want in the game, and it will surely sell millions of copies +DLC so just do it.

  49. They should make skate 4 about the history of skating showing people like alva Christian hosoi and John cardiel!!

  50. ea should make a bmx game make it realistic like if you get a flat you have to go to your local bmx shop and buy the tube or if your pedals wear down you have to buy new ones like tht like you have to buy everything like you start off with a shitty bike and start building it from there and make your own company tht be rad.

  51. You guys should add new brands like Supreme, and more vans gears !
    It’ll also be cool to have some odd future goodies

  52. Honestly, I really think EA is missing some big moneys, when they aren’t making any skates on pc thought…There would be lots of gamers on pc too, like me. And SSX should be on pc too. Nowadays, there are console gamers but they really should think about making games on many different platforms. Hope this is going to be on pc too and soon :) Of course it’s hard to make keyboard controls, but many of pc gamers do have gamepad nowadays..

    1. It’d be sick if you tried, say, a nollie heel and if you flick the stick incorrectly then the board overflips or underflips and you mess up, like in “real life.”

  53. I’d be soo hyped if they made a skate 4! i’d buy 2, no 3, heck 4 copies to help their sales i loved all the skate games for they own way. skate 1 was soo sick cause it was completely new and tricks were super hard to do. skate 2 was great but walking sucked haha Skate 3 was pretty dope too but i hate how the whole map isn’t connected. Straight up HAve a FULL MAP thats is all yo u need and fucking boss looking catch on your tricks. steeze grinds. MAKE SKATE 4! PLEASE

  54. k im sorry just make a skate 4 like obviously people w ill buy it youll make hella more money so why not straight up. shit to add maybe like be able to break your board n shit and make a better story add more skaters and when people snake you be able to gat the shit outta kfc hciken bone noisojn wheres the foo man

  55. hey guys umm so this would be awesome if they made this game and it would be so amazing but I have a couple of requests:
    – new pros and maybe ams- Al Partenen, Wes Kremer, David Gonzalez, Jimmy Carlin, and others because im so tired of having the same pro skaters. (no offense to these amazing skatebarders)
    – have more parks or spots that are in real life- Crailtap park, Rincon stairs, and maybe some other spots.
    – smoother transition and less glitches.

  56. This would be cool. Its and open world w/no loading times (except for cut scenes). You start with trying to start a career in any sport, your broke and like other sports so when you win in competitions you make money and buy skateboards , bikes, scooters, snowboards,…. etc(w/unlimited possibilities). Each with their own competitions to make money. Say you want to snowboard, not only do you need to get to the mountains (an adventure by itself) you need to make enough money to buy a car to get there and buy equipment(RPG type of aspects). And say you go to the beach you can ride the waves. and snorkel and catch fish(i’m just saying). You got to win competitions to get cash do more stuff. Everything would be extreme sports at its core…. Not necessarily a skate game but it would be cool.

  57. I honest to God would buy a new console for Skate 4. I miss Skate 3 enough I almost want to buy another xbox just for it. :/

  58. The suggestions above would be so cool you start off with a crappy board like a walmart or something and you have to buy new parts and decks.Also they should make the actual board look more realistic by adding colored wood to the plys and colored nuts and bushings.

  59. right off the bat i just want to say i dont see at all how skate 3 is perceived as unrealistic compared to skate 1 & 2.. not only does hardcore mode make it more realistic, but normal mode (which i prefer) correct me if i’m wrong is the exact same gameplay as skate 2.. which would contradict the statement that skate 2 is more realistic than skate 3.

    now for “skate 4″ i’m a bit stuck. i don’t really see what else EA can possibly do to make another skate game given the conditions.. of course any skateboarder who enjois the skate games will buy it.. but that may be it, which makes me understand why there is no confirmed skate 4. however, i have a few suggestions:

    -add in slappies, wallies, and wallrides (i know you can do them but from flat doing an ollie onto a wall and riding it looks retarded.. i’m sure EA can figure out how to make it so you can slap onto the wall from flat and do a realistic wallride)

    -in relation with my first suggestion, basing the whole game off NYC would be a solid idea, considering the recent upcoming of “raw east coast skating” as i like to call it. (i’m a new yorker myself) i feel that this would also allow a large area/map/level to exist

    -i thought i’d come up with more, but again, adding to why there is no confirmed skate 4, there really isn’t much EA can do to make skate 4 better/different/better-selling than the previous 3 games, and my second idea is a little out there.. and will likely be criticized by anyone who thinks “east coast rawness” is a joke, such as tech dudes or cali rippers (though a skate game based on NYC would be a amazing in my opinion)

    -so that’s it!

    1. This guy right here knows what he is talking about. New york. Has the brooklen banks and imagain skating the 911 memorial. So dope and if they put in Philly spots(cause I’m a Philly skater) philly 3 block ,FDR , LOVE PARK. Oh my god I would never get tired of that game

  60. -just read, add impossibles! and maybe primo slides.. that’d be sweet.

    -a longboard option! imagine you could ‘edit skater’ and choose a longboard or a regular board! and you would be all geared up with gloves and everything, bomb a huge ass hill, and using the left analog start doing a layback powerslide for miles! that’d be tight.

  61. they should add the ability to break your deck and bring back caps and security and all the spots from skate skate2 and skate 3 and BRING BACK BIG BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. also if it had scooters,bmx’s,skate boards and roller blades and you could pick which a charter for each different skater.Also it should have skate parks on it from real life so like vickie park and other in door ones like bones and ramp city and the others

    1. EA, I’m begging you to make a skate 4 cause I have all the skates and all the downloadable stuff for them but they are getting boring since there the only games I really play. And if that’s not in the plan can you release more DLC for skate 3. I think that all the skate maps were amazeing but the personal actions you can do in skate 3, if they were on all the skate maps would be great. Please release the skate 1 and 2 maps for skate 3. Thanks.

    1. That would defeat the purpose of Skate maybe seperate games for scooters and bmx.

  63. if there is gonna be a skate 4 they should put the clothin options of skate 1 plus 3 and the gaming of 3 like how on skate 1 u can wear ur jeans lower and the shirt tight or baggy or regular and on skate 3 you dont always fall sometimes the board kicks out but have skate 1 and 2s bails perferably 1 bc skate 3s bails suck and defenatly shouldn’t have skate 3 graphics skate 3 is cartoonier the best graphics was skate 1 put all that there oh and it should be one big level again not bein able to ride downtown to another part sucks i hate having to pause to switch the area

  64. Yo Seriously, Look people we now have sites like TheBerrics and Street League where there is easily enough Site traffic to make a new EA Skate game HUGE! Skateboarding is an expanding activity taking in more and more participants per year. With this said By now surely there is Going to be way more people into skateboarding now then when other skate games were released.

    When skate 1 was released it was at the same time i was getting into skateboarding And when i heard about this Game coming out i Waited un-till i could afford a PS3 and the game Cause i wanted it soooo much. And like before new people introduced to Skateboarding would love a New Video Game That Could get them hyped to go out and skate.

    *I have a feeling that now with STREET LEAGUE skateboarding that a Skate 4 Game could come together Where you could play Online and have the whole Street League layout as a playable corse and Online mode, Where you play In the Contest. Hell if that happened Every Kid in the Stands Would buy that game For sure!*

    Let me know what you think of these ideas .

  65. i like everyones ideas but theres no way it ever happen theres very limited memory if u notice as graphics go up game play and possibility go down the skate boarders graphics went sky high for skate 3 and thats what took away the realisticness of it

  66. i think skate 3 was okay but the bails really killed me.. they sucked. i think if they left skate 2 physics and kept skate 3 tricks it would have done well

  67. I think They should add 2 aspects to the game, i loved skate 3 for the unrealistic stuff it made me feel unstoppable, but i also did want more realism to it, so they should have 2 separate bits for that for both aspects to the game :)

  68. They definitely need to bring back the feel of skate one. i loved the rawness and grunge feeling given by it. Just model skate 4 off of skate 1, but obviously including the new controls and features from skate 3 and 2. The Skate franchise is played for realism. That is what the consumer wants in my opinion. Sure they should still include the ability for unrealism when you want to blow off some steam but I want my experience on Skate to be just like skating in real life and let me experience the things i wish i could do in real life. X games would be sick to see again, so too would skate shops like skate 1. I reckon gear should definitely have the properties to be able to wear, tear and snap. Therefore you wouldn’t end up a gazillionaire like you can become in skate 2 because you’d be resupplying every so often. They need to make it feel like a skating community within a city.

  69. I’ve always thought a BMX game would be awesome to see. Tony Hawk Pro Skater and TH Undeground 2 were pretty sick for a skateboarding game. If those 2 were HD, and not look grainy, it would be sick! As for Skate 4, I hope EA will bring P-Rod back. When Skate was released, it was a hot item. It took out the TH series, isn’t that enough to keep it going?

  70. I loved the feel of the first skate. The realistic locations, graphics, and mechanics. HoM was fun but not one of the biggest focuses. Skate 2 had an awesome location and fun new tricks, but felt slightly more arcadey compared to the first one. I didn’t like that skate 3’s world was made for skating. I missed the rewarding feeling of finding this awesome spot to skate that people might not have thought of. But it also had custom parks, teams, and a good video editor. With such a long break since the last one, I think if they can find a good mix of all the previous games and expand on them (especially character and board customization) then skate 4 would be incredible.

  71. Go head on with skate 4 the rumer of it coming out has been round our school and we r all so exited about it because we know it will be awesome because all of the skate games have been and u will get so meny sells out of it plz bring it out

  72. Slam out an in-line, skateboarding and BMX game or drop the in-line I dont care for it lol. I would love a BMX and Skate game, stick and extreme sports style title and let EA get all over it Skate3 style with all the added xtras and I think it will be amazing!

  73. dont add bikes it will rune the game just go to classic skate with buying boards getting sponsores and finding spots but chang up the areas, and if they make a bike game just make them seperate is called SKATE for a reason

  74. EA needs a realistic SKIING game, I mean for gods sake. They have not made one realistic skiing game. People in the freeskiing community (newschoolers) have been dying for a game like this, we have a website look it up. We have been waiting for a game like this for too many years. Our savior was a game called jiblife, but it hasn’t come out yet, though it has been in production for 10 years. Come one EA.

  75. They should make a game called hall of meat whitch is just doing mission like the hall of meat ones in the skate series to raise money for skate 4 and put eminem songs on the games please

  76. It would be da best if u really put bmx and skating put together in on game now dat would be the best dude and put Rodney Mullen and mOre freestyle skaters

  77. You know the bmx would be cool, maybe they need to put the best of both worlds in one. Make it so you can get off your board an put it on your back then shred it up on your bike. An also what would be cool is to be able to drive a car to your park or any skate spots. I think it would be sick to be able to drive a car, ride a bike an skateboard all in one game.

  78. they need to make bailing easier so hitting huge rails and stairs isnt an automatic make every time you try it unless you get the flip and balance right

  79. I think that your board should be able to snap after a while. You should also be able to play career on two player because what if your friends want to play too. You wouldn’t have to switch off turns all the time.

  80. With a game like skate there should be no bmx or scooters, ea should make a seprate game for bmx and scooters but with the same concept as the skate sequel

  81. kan ni inte göra ett spel som man kan välja om man vill åka skate eller åka BMX och sparkcykel
    do a game,I can switch game mode to skate board BMX scooter,
    sparkcykel skulle vart bra så kunde man öppna ny delar,samma sak med BMX och skate

  82. Heeps all with really good graphics would be sick like skatin bmxin scootin with simple to make parks would be sick but keep th observatory from skate

  83. I think that skate 4 should have all of the skating genres avilable to choose from, like BMX, Scooters, Roller Blades and of course skateboards that way everyone can choose what to ride it won’t be an easy game to make but that’s what i think would be best for anyone who enjoys skating.

  84. 3 words. Old. School. Tricks. Both freestyle and vert. Like caspers, anti caspers, rail stands, hand stands, grab manuals, one foot manuals, flat ground and grind fingerflips, proper names for grabs and inverts, and Bert slides. Casper- dark catch then pull right stick for a manual. Anti Casper- other way. Hand stand- double grab then brake. One foot manual- manual then press mongo push button. Bert slide- power slide then the rb/r1 catch button. A frontside grab bs 180 be called Indy as it should be, backflip 540 bs mute be called mctwist, tuck knee called del mar Indy, fs 180 mute be called slob air, mute tuck knee be called Japan, stale be called stalefish. Impossible, flick stick down up down. Hold down for double and triple. Vice versa for front foot impossible. Roast beef, hold right stick the opposite way of mute/stalefish grabs, then fs grab button. And the bs one foot be called madonna as it should be. Other problems i don’t feel like going into depth on.

  85. Fingerflips manuals- manual, fs or bs grab, then flick stick like for a finger flip. Same for grinds. Rail stands- dark catch then hold stick left or right for either toe or heel side variations. Then can flip trick out. And re name front foot back foot as Ollie north and nollie south. And different style boards. 80s style vert boards with one big tail, only limitation is no nollies unless you flip the board around, long boards which you can’t do tricks on but can go faster, sliding gloves so you can do Bert slides at speed and can spin around and such. And maybe 360 spins and such, like manual, and roll the left stick around in circles. Keep spinning as long as you spin the stick. And freestyle boards that flip and spin faster but suck for stability at speed. 540 pop shove its, hold right stick at top and rotate it 270 degrees.

  86. In my opinion if a skate 4 were to come out (which i doubt) it should just be a combo of skate 1 & 2. Bring back the party play, add 2 player free skate, possibly utilize the kinect features in some form, add more complex tricks. Add new, more popular songs. Think about it. If you played the classic THPS games, you have to remember those tracks. (P.S. Bring Gang Starr back to the tracks.) Make customization endless. From the cuffs on your pants to layering a shirt under a button up. Same goes for the board. As many have said make stickers an option, clear griptape, the order of your bolts. Everything. Bring back sponsors. Add more brands and pros for that. Also they should have a monthly update for the game adding new clothes, boards, shoes. Im a big fan of Nike SB, having 7 pairs myself, it sucked having about 3 to choose from in Skate 3. Next, they should add new skate comps, parks, things like that. I think adding a subway to the city would be an awesome, yet realistic way to get around places easier. While also offering the option for a subway area to skate. I also think they should add a more “city” feel to it. I’ve skated in SF and i always find myself dodging people. So adding that as at least an option would be nice. Lastly, a good solid story line would be nice, as i feel skate lost that.

  87. Skate 3 was a great game. I’m ready for another skate game. But yea I guess this developers can start making the game on their their new Xbox 720 developers kits. And I’ll wait till then, instead of them trying to ram new games down our throats every year with no new content.

  88. I’ve played both skate and bmx games and there all hella fun so either way they need to make a new game with all the pros and for the skate games they need rob dyrdek more often in the game cause he’s my favorite pro

  89. I cannot speak for Skate 1 & 2 because I have not played them, but for me the main issues with Skate 3 were:

    * Completely lifeless world, too sterile and too nice – lacks diversity and clutter
    * Mechanics only felt realistic when playing in ‘Hardcore’
    * No collectibles/ distractions in the city, besides main events
    * Little incentive to progress, new skateboards? wtf
    * Park editor ran miserably slowly, parks too small
    * Objects to trick on are sparse and too obvious
    * Music selection small and not very interesting
    * Bob’s mega fun big skatepark thing was too big and slutty
    * Everyone is too nice, and skaters/ characters have annoying upbeat voices
    * Little freedom on challenges, very linear
    * Fast travel feature made the world too small
    * EA promotion all over the place
    * Silly redneck stereotype quotes on loading screens
    * California… again

    Things I liked:

    * High framerate, prioritised over fancy graphics which is appropriate
    * The guy from My Name Is Earl
    * Small skateparks, bowls were well done with nice graffiti and the like
    * Placing objects in the world is cool
    * Tricks felt refined and very satisfying
    * Attempts at humour and emotion are kept to the minimum

    Maybe Europe or 1970’s LA for next game, i would like that

  90. If skate 4 does come out it should have real parks like woodward and Brookrun. Also there shuld be more skaters like grant Taylor and Ryan sheckler and Arron jaws. It needs to be more realistic and u should be able to break ur board after time and get sponsored. Also there should be a cheat or something where u can get a bmx bike. U should be able to ride at day time and night ti e. I hope u listen to my suggestions

  91. Like they said, EA really needs to just stick to skate 1 play style. More realistic and less clowing around. Also a cool add on would be a night time part to the game. Like real skaters who have to actually climb gates, break in and put up lights to get to their spots and get the footage they want. I think that wud deff add a good element to the game.

  92. I think they should add the ability to insert a cheat that enables the cops, if they see you skating on skate free zones, to actually arrest you and you have to live in jail until you pay a fine or breakout.

    That would be the freaking BOMB dudes!!!!!!

  93. Alot of you have amazing ideas for Skate 4, but some of them are really. . . mindless. BMX? Scooters? Look, I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings. . . but the game is called SKATE for a reason! The ONLY thing you need to do is skateboard! All the other stuff, come on. . . think.

  94. It would be cool if they made a skate 4, bmxing game or a snowboarding game but i am hoping they make a scooting game. its in right now for teens and who play video games that are rated 16?
    ea would make a ton of money and would get people into scooting more. ;)

    1. we want to avoid people getting into “scooting”.. you know why? It’s not an extreme sport, it’s fscking lame and it’s just annoying little children that clog up the parks and damage the equipment. Get your hands off those pointless things, a skateboard actually requires talent.

  95. there should be a video game that has skateboarding bmxing ripstiking and scootering each with their own campagin and online play but thats just my opinion

  96. I think there should be a game with scooters
    because a lot off people are getting in to
    scooters now and you would proberly make
    a lot of money

  97. there should be more “natural” skateable terrain and better physics when you bail for example falling out of the sky your legs should crumple under you

  98. I really think they should do a scooter game i reckon it would be so good maybe there could be other things in it to such as rolloer skates

  99. I can’t wait for the next skate game, however, I wish black box could develop this game WITHOUT EA. I understand that the only thing better than money is more money, but at the same time EA (and other publishers like Activision) force their developers to finish their games on a tight schedule and charge players for in game functions that should be free with the game (e.g. The Skate Share Pack. I mean really. Skate 1 and 2 allowed free sharing of photos, vids, and parks. ((actually I’m pretty sure park creation was only skate 3, but still hugh hush)), and then suddenly, BOOM. Unless you reserved the game (or got lucky), you can’t share stuff without buying the pass (which I believe is still 800 points today)))., and ofcourse….actually instead of me spilling the beans, how about I have you guys have a challenge instead. Name ONE EA game that actually has above average servers? I’m pretty sure I’d fail this challenge.

  100. In my opinion, to make skate 4 as realistic as possible, you need to have money as an active factor, boards breaking, shoes ripping, wheels flatspotting, etc. there needs to be to be damn am, tampa am & pro, the berrics (westchester too), dew tour, street league, and things like that. And make the spots tougher! Street skating aint no walk in the in the park. I’m talking waxing rails, bondo-ing cracks, breaking kinks (like in the other skate’s). And make it harder to get sponsored. That shit aint easy either! Make the game three discs long like l.a. noire.

  101. I think it’d be sick if you could:
    Break your board
    have like a damage meter or something on your shoe wear and clothes. cause ive put my foot through my shoe once and torn open the back of my shirt from falling.
    Select bearings and grip tape
    Create you own pro model shoe ( like use a shoe you got from a sponsor as a base and change it up a bit, make a high top a mid top or something)
    Skinny jeans that actually go into low tops, cause honestly looking at that little bit of ankle is just dumb.
    make skating street harder and have like a balance thing for when you land sketchy
    Allow us to work for sponsors and let us pick our own filmer, like Beagle from Baker
    Get rid of easy mode and normal, only hardcore physics
    allow us to get multiple tatoos on our characters not just one arm or some shit, i mean like alot of different tattoos so a sleeve doesnt look like one big tribal and we can have like a body sleeve of tatoos
    more pro challenges and competitions
    Buy House option and Night-Day in game clock so when we play at like 8:30pm we have night in the game
    Included with buying a house let us customize it, like create a skate park in the back yard or change up the interior
    have the skater spawn in front of house or where ever you’re living in the game when you start up.
    Realistic Running, i dont want to look like a dinosaur when i run

  102. They need to make a Bmx game they continue with skating and snowboarding its almost like BMXING has died out our something

  103. If a Skate 4 ever happens, one thing I would love to see is cruisers and longboards. It would be awesome to use longboards for the downhill bombs, then at the finish line open up a victory brew with the opener on your board!
    A graphic editor that allows you to import images from Photoshop or the Gimp

  104. I know it’s a hell lot of effort designing a game with many different gameplay assets such as BMX and longboarding. Nevertheless it would be awesome to insert snowboarding and surfing as well X )

  105. They should add 8 tricks one is the flamango flip,spiderman grab,flamango kickflip,spiderman flip,flamango grab,and feirce airbourne kick flip and hippy flip with a advanced parkour move™

  106. please tell me whate you think of my ideas, alright so i feel like its basically been the same since skate 1 i think it would be really cool if there were some major changes. the first is you you should have to catch the board so say you doing a kickflip you have to pll down and flick up and to the left and hold it until the griptape comes around an release the stick to catch and depending on when you catch it you could fall or land sketchy or land clean or even land in primo. it would make a simple pop shuvit cool since youd have to let it rotate exactly enough before you catch it. my other idea is to make skating halfpipes not mostly about airs its stupid that you cant even do a rock to fakie. i was thinking if you could skate miniramps and ge able to skate it like i do in real life with mostly stalls and grinds, you could do a rock to fakie by going up and right before the coping pull down to do a manual then push forward after your the front is past the coping and pull down to bring the front up and start coming back in an end it by push forward to bring the front back down. a rock and roll would be the same thing but when your coming back in use the other stick to pivot aound. using that basic concept the possibilities could be endless

  107. Skate 3 was the best id have to say just because of all the accessibilty althougb the style and flow changes in every game. And for ppl who want bike games still to matt hoffmas on ps2 along with shaun murrays wakeboarding an kelly slaters pro surfing. Just because its a older console doesnt change the fact that the games quality. Imagine if the the made a wake skating game or a and snowboard game (mainly based off the ampd series((1&2)) but there was back country and park along with xgames snowboarding and maybe a little shaun white mixed in. Regardless EA shod make a new skate, maybe wakeboard/skate and definetly an. Upgraded version of ampd maybe being able to skitch sleds with a better train park. None of that ssx shit needs to be involed. Dont get me wrong tricky was legit but there always seems to come a point where we (EA Nation) runs outta ideas. Brainstorming takes time. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

  108. Skate 4 should allow you to make your own deck like,spraypaint, graphics, and it should allow you too be able to make your own tricks and new replay editors like sound effects, filters while having multiplayer online because if they did that be awesome.

  109. I think if they’re to make skate 4, like a lot of people are saying, be able to break your board, bring back sponsors, they should have a battle at the berrics mode, make tricks less consistent, you should start off with a local shop sponsor, then turn am, and then pro, and when you turn pro be able to make your own pro model and get profit from the sales and buy things like a new board

  110. overall, they should make skate 4 more realistic but they should also let you get sponsored by N.P.Cs and let in some other styles of boards like longboards and mini-boards and that you can earn money to buy different parts for your board to modify your style of skating. Im a longboarder and I know many people would love to see different boards, wheels, & trucks that dont only change the look of our board but abilities as well. Also, a more complex environment for skating in. They should also let you make your own tricks online with the same foundation as the previous graphics designer.

  111. they should totally make a downhill skating game. you could downhill race and also freeride. throw out fat standies in a videogame would be sick. you could play as pros like liam morgan and fernando yuppie

  112. I think in skate 4 there should not just be skate bored maybe put in bike and scooter and you should be able to customize it all

  113. I know I’m not alone when I say PS4 is screaming for a Skate 4.
    With the new possibilities available to developers, a new Skate could have so many features.
    Plus I’m sure skate 4 would sell better than a lot of games will on launch,
    so the new features in my ideal Skate 4 would be this…



  114. I agree with all your ideas except for the scootering. I say we make tons a videos on YouTube explaining y we want skate 4 on top that try to reach out to ea in business matter because they are clearly in it for the money. If they give us what we need in the game I see no worries in business problems as far as number of sellers. Skate 4 should be a top seller especially for making us wait this long. This is the right time to make skate 4. Perfect opportunity in the making’. I saw we go to ea headquarters and stand outside with posters and chanting we want skate 4. They have and make plenty of money and money isn’t the issue so make a skate 4. People are still motivates for the game ea make it happen. Street league, berrics, and other new features have occured into the new era of skateboarding. If you could release a Bmx separate and a skate 4 business should increase by alot. Isn’t that what you want ea give us what we want. Supply and demand. Please give us another chance I’m sure you won’t regret it. Way more sells than skate 3. Every skate game from ea has been has been alot of fun and has been improved or one was better than the other through different features. I believe skate 4 will top it all and be way more amazing. Good luck ea if u come to your senses. You could argue with us about creating the game but I think us as consumers people will win but it’s ur descision in the end please make it count.

    1. I agree all the ideas are great except for the scootering and the BMX.more skating games would have a great impact on ea and their money problems with games.

  115. the main things I want with skate 4 would be 1 elaborated manual system /1 foot manuals, caspers, etc.. 2. some sort of create a trick mode. were you can highlight a point on the board select it and spin rotate or flip the board were ever you like. and this doesn’t have to be a flip trick either I would like to be able to pick and choose If I want to grab the board, a custom stall or a plant, 3. skate real for me was the best part of skate 3 however it shouldn’t be only available on skate 3 . with skate 4 we should be able to put are clips right on YouTube and even edit them right on skate 4. 4. skateboarding progresses every day so should skaters you should be rewarded for how long you play ,also if you land a sketchy trick people on your friendlist who are playing should be notified. and finally .5 teams were what made skate 3 in my opinion a great game but it should be so much more then it is .ok if you had just started a team and needed help getting board sales you can use funds from your campaign and use these funds to pay for a team demo were not only you can get board sales from publicity and notoriety you can also set up merch vendors to refund the money you funded the demo with and gain profit with this money you can also buy clothes boards merch and even team graphics . also with multiplayer id like to see other cities then san van. NY, LA, Detroit, Etc.

  116. Skate 4 would be a great game because they’ll know what to do because of past complaints about nonrealistic landings and other how to make-it-better comments that should give them a better
    prospective of how you can make it better.

  117. They did makea bmx game for PS3, “BMXXXX”
    They should do another one like that, would be cool as.

    Keep boards and bikes seperate.

  118. I seen a picture sugessting Tyler The Creator would be in Sk8 4 just wondering how true it is…. But if he was i would definetly be buying it…. Golf Wang….

  119. okay so idk about you guys, but i skate and longboard also. they should introduce longboarding into the mix just so you can bomb a hill going like 50 mph. or like me instead of skating on all the shitty sidewalks and roads in my town, i use my longboard because its faster, smoother and i can just cruise and chill until i get to the park. i mean its the same concept as adding a bmx bike to get from skate spot to skate spot faster, just so that it could truly stick to the franchise name “Skate”. also they’d need to have different styles of longboards. like pintails for just cruising stretched out hills and drop through for bombing stuff. just an idea. so the real skaters aren’t upset by the addition of bikes. i mean all and all itd be great.

    adding the new age skaters and new age parks, plazas and facilities like the berrics or fantasy factory. im not to current with alot of the newer pros and ams out there becuase im not a hardcore die hard skater anymore, i just do it in my spare time to chill with all my homies from back in the day. i like the idea of adding some tech into the gameplay too. like instead of late flips and shuvs you should have underflips like caspers, the no flip or a popshuv late flip all in one solid motion like youd do in real life instead of a delayed reaction from the flip intoe the transition of the shuv or vise versa. even grabs with the transition into a finger flip or the famous tail whip bam margera made up ( pop shuv tail grab then you throw the board around into an extra shuvit) thatd be fucking sweet tits. cause its one of my favorite tricks to do. everyone just drops their jaw when they see it done. or even a pop shuv tailgrab 180/bigspin tailgrab ( i call them the switchblade)

  120. Skate 4 should stick with skateboarding nothing like bmx or scooters. Maybe a cab would do or a train ride.
    Public transportation
    Board damage
    Updates on boards clothing shoes etc
    More pro and ams
    Better clothing and more shoes
    Custom griptape
    Height footsize hairstyle( more options) longer beard hair under beanies
    Flat bill snapbacks
    Better lookin nike sb janoskis
    And Lewis Marnell should be their (RIP January 2013

  121. They should put Street League in skate 4!!! And they should make it out that the skater has to work to get sponsered and you get offers which you can accept or decline

  122. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING FOR SKATE 4 :( I have a next gen console now and there is no games like skate coming out, I could play skate for years, and I did.

  123. First off, who would pay more than 60$ for a well-done and skate only game. No story mode, no online mode. Just challenges to unlock realistic spots (i.e. more like skate 2) and free skate. I surely would, and I’d pay COD map pack prices for dlc.

    This is about to turn into a long rant, read on for the opinion of someone who really loves the game and the sport.

    When I play this game I play on hardcore, low camera. This makes the game the hardest in most players opinions. And also gives you the most intense view of the skateboard action! Most often I free skate. I try only tricks that are pleasing to the eye, no button mashing. If I really like the trick I use the replay editor to film it as realistically as possible using advanced free cam. When I play with friends, we pass the controller and S.K.A.T.E where the trick must be matched exactly, but not taking into account the meaningless point given to grind length, ect.

    OP started to talk about more realism in the gameplay towards the end. And here are my two cents of a more perfect skate 4 game. First, keep all walking and spot marker controls the same and difficulty settings the same. Second, drop unnecessary gameplay. EA you got to realize that people loved SKATE for the skateboard simulation, not stupid story modes like THPS and not for online play. I have been play SKATE from day 1 and have never met someone in real life who plays this game for the story or online.

    3rd, and I think this is what will be a break through is a new change in how you use the sticks! This is a modified version of the flicking system but with more finesse and more sensitivity. Instead of holding down on the R stick and flicking upwards as hard as possible for a good ollie, the play would start from center and go down and up as hard and fast as possible. As soon as the stick starts moving down the front of the board starts to go up into a manuel. This is what I meant by sensitive.

    Does this make sense to anyone?

    This would make game play very realistic, and would mimic what is happening right now in the real skateboard trick trends. Imagine a backlip on a ledge and then you pull down hard on the R stick while holding or hitting the L stick to pivot around to the other side of the ledge into a front lip! Or approaching a wall at an angle and flicking down hard to do a wallride that doesnt make it look like the skater magically flips dimensions and sticks to the wall, which was always bothered me. I think this would also help correct some huge flaws in the SKATE physics. Landing into tricks like a nice class krook down a steep rail, wont have to look like a willygrind at first. I think it will also make vert skating and liptricks much more fun and realistic.

    I could go on and on about what I want to see in skate4 but I dont want to water-down how important I think a new controller mechanic would change and improve the game.

    I would love to hear responses from anyone. And EA, if read this and you think Im the skate christ, your savior, then hit me up. I wouldnt charge you much.

  124. After going threw more comments from other posters I just want to add.

    Forget getting every pro under the sun in the game. It is more about making your own funny skaters. But just get whoever wants in. My bet is that the pros who want to be in will be the ones little kids or a uber fans want anyways.

    Also, NO BMX! Go make your own game. Back to my first point of the last post, we will pay money for these games. Make it good, make it expensive. This could change the quality of games for other producers too.

    And skate downhill could be cool. But I would not focus a whole game on slide moves. This will not translate to the control like street/vert skating.

    By asking for all this stuff I think EA might be saying to themselves, “these kids will never be happy with a skateboarding only game. These ADD mofo’s will be over skating in a year”, we need to show them that if they make a good game we will play it and buy a new one every time the release one.

  125. If there ever is a skate 4 game i thought of an idea of a fear meter. Cuz when you skate fear has a lot to do with it. Youre not gonna just jump over 25 stairs.You need to build confidence and if there was a fear meter for like big gaps and stuff. Maybe like a skill set like how toney hawk had but more advanced. Like ollie hieght, fear, balance, consistancy with each flip trick. Fear would bhave something to do with hangtime and distance and speed. And like combo tricks too. Skill set. That would be nice. And it would progress thoughout the game.

  126. They need to remember us longboarders too! We don’t always get along but I love all boards. Instead of racing on skateboards they should incorporate longboards on some sick mountains.

  127. I think EA should combine skate 3 with gta 5 cause they didn’t want to take the risk with skate 4 but gta is one of the best selling games ever

  128. I think EA should make a skate 4 because although skate, skate 2, and skate 3 are really good, I think they Should make an overall epic game! Also, maybe next year or something, I think that EA should make a scooter game because all there is is bmx and skateboard games but no scooter games so I think that EA shapeless make skate 4 and a scooter game… I know it’s a lot to ask for but just thunk of the sales and the
    Cash they would make!!! That is my opinion

  129. I think EA should make a skate 4 and put all sorts of skateboard in like penny boards, longboards, cruisers and SCOOTERS,!!!?!

  130. Id gladly pay for skate 4 regardless. I agree skate 3 is not as genuine as it could have been. still a good game though.

  131. All these people asking for scooters.. lol thats pretty lame imo doesnt sound very appealing. Snow boarding either.. there’s only so many tricks that can be done
    Skateboarding probably has the most bmx still not as much only gaps and different spots. So pointless to make a skate game with anything other than a skateboard. But ife glady pay for skate 4 if it was ever a game. They could add a face recognition with the xbox one kinect to almost replicate the players face features kind of like what tony hawk game did with the eye toy

  132. So i don’t think this game should have bmx in it just because i think that ea should just focus on skateboarding and how to make it more realistic. They should make separate games for that and snowboarding cause i think those games would sell also. I agree with the people who said stuff about adding more skaters and real parks and private skate parks like the berrics. Also if ea could figure out away to make it so you don’t land hard tricks every time until somehow working on them and becoming more consistent with them ex. tre flips down stair sets, rails and riding switch… ect. Also if they could make a way so tricks aren’t limited like 360 double flips or 540 pop shuvits, that would be great. Another thing would be to add contests like street league and xgames maybe battle at the berrics would be cool. Finally, keep the ability to create parks, maybe make it better if possible cause the is a big reason why i would play skate 3 over skate 2.

  133. and ea, please make a snowboarding game that is realistic, im big on snowboarding and always wanted a game with urban snowboarding just like many others im sure. also being able to ride the park on mountains like bear mountain or mt hood or any mountains out west or the very few in the east where i live would be awsome. For people into freeriding make mountains like alaska and british colombia also so it would be good for everyone. but most importantly, make it realistic and please include some other great riders like the videograss team, the riders on thirtytwo or dwd, literally noone that knows stuff a good amount about snowboarding likes shaun white so dont make the game all about him, sure you can add him in it for halfpipe and just to get more people to buy it but this game would be awesome and i know manny people that would buy it. finally just like all your other games, make them for xbox 360 too

  134. Yea, Skate 2 was unique for its open world swag, exploration, slang, realness and camera style. Skate 4 on next gen should look 3 times as good as skate 2 and should have good free roam controls when off the board to scale (Parkour) buildings and obstacles too eventually skate on, unlike skate 2. Along with an unlockable bmx mode after beating the game, skate 4 would be a great next gen game.

  135. If they make skate 4 I think they should have:

    Damage of boards and your player
    Start with a crappy board and earn money to buy better ones and if your boards breaks either walk/taxi etc to go to the board shop and buy a new one
    You should be able to smash your board on the ground/rails etc and be able to stomp on it
    You should be able to go to the fantasy factory and not have to unlock it you can just drive or walk there or something like that
    You should bring back Paul Rodrigues. You should bring in Ryan sheckler, Nijha Huston and other pros
    there should be like the simple session, x games street league and mega ramp big air thing, and all the other ones btw I’m not a skateboarder so I don’t know all the stuff and competitions
    You should be able to customize your own logo decked trucks wheels and the grip stuff and you should be able to color the grip
    you should be able to buy a house and customize the inside of it and you should be able to get a pool and be able to ride in it
    you should start at a certain age you select for example start at 13 years old and start there and get older and then start your own company and once you get big enough start your own competition like rob Dyrdek started street league and you can buy skate parks and maybe eventually own all the parks
    you should be able to make your own shoe and clothing for ex: take a supra change the name and some of the design
    These are the things I would like to see in skate 4

  136. I would love to see board damage in skate 4,. And the ability to have shoe damage. And deck snaps. U can earn money for better boards. And like a store there like Zumiez.

  137. If this going in store I’m going to buy it but to make even better can there be street league and can you add steven fernandez That would be awesome

  138. Also wat cb said plzzzz do it with a better fantasy factory with the foam pit so wat we all want is wat cb said steven fernandez lots more dgk people street league croaked snapped boards and all of wat cb said plzzzzz man do something about it STEVEN FERNANDEZ

  139. I play Skate #3 and i love it but my favorite thing to do besides skating is bmx. I would love a vmx game that has skate parks to ride and dirt jumps, it would be cool to kind of have the same idea as skate 3

  140. they should totally make it for the wii u they haven’t done it before so pleaaaasssseeee do it.
    but thats just weird the idea of vmx bikes its called skate not cycling

  141. Sales declined because skate 3 was garbage for anyone wanting big vert.. it was so damn flat.. bogger is better, get on it ea skate 2 was amazing, esspecially the damm.

  142. Not to mention you took the amazing thrasher wrecks and bone crushing fun, guessing ya decided it was too violent or something, bails are a huge part of skating…

  143. Hey I know u want to see the skate franchise continue but we followed your character to the end of his skating carrier it would be pretty comical to see an old man on a board but all things must end

  144. Skate 4 should be in the works it’s dumb not to be but for the game they should make it more like skate 2 realistic but keep the park creator except don’t limit it so much with pieces and space second if there gonna do a BMx game it had to be like Dave Mirras pro BMx 2 that game was the best with Woodward and other levels but really I hope these games come to light and don’t get burrows like other good titles such as sly cooper jack and dexter and a lot more

  145. Lets get this straight Skate 2 was an amazing game, it took you into the world of a real skaters life; You have Rail guards, security guards, people that get into groups and beat you up, and the amazing falling animations. Now group all of those and add it to the amazing features of skate 3; New tricks, Call skaters to skate with you, difficulty modes, and new styles of clothing. Then add the things that are needed; Bigger map, realistic styles of how people dress, even more clothes and tricks, bring back S.K.A.T.E, Bring buying clothes and getting board sells back, and my own idea; when getting to higher street contest you should go major and get into things like the X-Games. It should also provide more pro skaters.

  146. Skate 4 should have skating, bmx, and parkour. it would be the holy grail of action sport games. it should have accessible buildings to buy clothes, boards, hairstyles, etc. there should be currency, you get money from demos, and there’s a free mode where you can just buy whatever you want. EA should take its time with this one. it would be crazy

  147. I agree with damage and other stuff,but I mostly agree with bikes.scooters,pennyboards,longboards,snowboards,snow mobiles,and add more pros,better fantasy factory,Big Black,Chanel West Coast.I agree with what all of you said,but what about adding Go-karts,parkour,paintball,and airsoft? That would be amazing. :) :3

  148. EA Sports it’s in the Streets

    Skateboarding, Biking, Scooters, and Rollerblades. the PS4 and XBox One both now have the functional capacity to harvest one game featuring the option to choose between your choice of said options and they would open up so many more pros to feature and build a super story mode out of something like that if they wanted to, also every skating boarding game that they have had you start out as a god send prodigy why not make a game where you go through the struggles of learning make a system were your character has to practice kickflips or something before you get control or something I don’t know just a thought.

  149. Skate 3 was beyond an upset to me. Making your own skate team was very boring. It took out the fun of actually getting sponsors and starting from the bottom to become a big pro. I think they should make skate 4 more realistic and like a journey of starting off as a skate shop sponsor then later earning big time sponsors turning into a big time pro doing film for a team tapes, taking photos for magazines, going on tour doing sessions,interviews, and doing big time competitions like street league and x games and the dew tour. Make it more like what a skater goes through in real life even with sponsor contracts . The entire process of becoming a pro. I also think the sponsors you can get should be board sponsors, clothing, wheels, trucks, grip tape, bearings and even off-brand sponsors like red-bull , mountain dew, sprite etc. If you do that I promise this would be the best skate game in history.

    1. I totally agree. And they should definitely throw the Multiplayer modes from Skate 2 back into the series. (Maybe even a split-screen ehh idk. Theres some big ass TVs now lol.) & there should be money you can earn in the game to buy new gear, clothes, shoes, etc.

  150. No hay un solo juego que pueda superar al modo de juego de skate ni bmx ni snow ni cualquier otro deporte extremo. A mi lo que me enamoró del skate es la forma de hacer los trucos con el analógico y el realismo que le da un millón de vueltas al Tony hawk que no he vuelto a jugar ni lo tengo pensado hacer. No entiendo a los que dicen que skate 3 es menos realista por que vale que en el modo fácil es más irreal que en skate 2 pero si lo pones en difícil es más real incluso que el skate 2.

    Una nueva entrega de skate sería la ostia pero esta bastante claro que por lo menos a corto plazo no lo vamos a ver. Sin embargo lo que estaría muy bien sería una actualizacion del skate 3 para que puedas crear tus propias partidas en cualquier parte del mapa o incluso en skate Parks creados para jugar online. Es lo único que le falta en mi opinión al skate 3 con respecto a todo lo demás le doy un diez. Me encantaría que hiciesen una actualización así pero no creo que vaya a pasar. Ah y otra cosa tengo que decir hasta que no salga el skate 4 no me compro la play 4 ahí queda eso Sony a ver si prepresionais a EA para que lo saque

  151. No matter what surfing skateboarding and snowboarding will forever and always be the top extreme sports everyone in the world knows of skateboarding its been popular since sliced bread what really needs to happen is a skate game where you start somewhere in cali skating with super realistic game physics and movements every trick known to skateboarding premos caspers flamingos handstands cannonballs actual names of every trick a hurricane is not A 180 smith grind all skate ledgends more og skate brands and the nowadays brands as well actual skate parks from any day in age i dont care if it takes 10 years to make. A super! realistic! (No tony hawk shit) broken boards chipped boards ripped shoes scratches and bruises broken bones hospitals cops not security gaurds falling how it really would happen landing how it would really happen grabing and hand movements! Birt slides hand stands! Old school tricks new school tricks semi flips hospital flips forward flips dolphin flips rosemary flips twisty flips sexchanges nightmare flips disco flips impossibles mini ramps grinds and stalls that flow right im talking people want to do in games that they can do in real life no one wants another god damn fake ass tony hawk game or a shitty skate 3 to be honest everyone wants a skate game thats uber realistic meaning people want to see a trick that looks like Rodeny Mullen did it right in front of you! Let me get a game that looks and flows like real life

  152. I’ll always keep my hopes up, but Blackbox, the company who made the original games was shut down a few years back. EA has a shitty habit of buying up smaller studios and shutting them down a few years later, and loads of people lost their jobs. Its sad and way out of order and EA are dicks.
    Also sales were down after they totally rushed Skate 3 and brought it out only a year after 2 rather than waiting at least a couple of years like most good sequels, so the game itself was sub-par quality and full of bugs.
    Still, apparently the Skate 3 sales have gone back up as recently as last year because Pewdiepie or someone played it on their channel and people wanted try it out themselves, they even had to print more copies of the game because it was in such high demand. Maybe this will encourage game developers to work on a sequel/similar game? Idk.

    I think the ideal scenario would be if the rights to Skate were given to a someone other than EA (because they treat both their employees and their customers like crap and I wouldn’t feel good giving them my money tbh), to a company that puts actual care and effort into their games. Another commenter mentioned Rockstar and I could see that working, I enjoyed GTA 5 a lot and they definitely know how to make a good open-world game. I would be really great if the game could go back the overall style of Skate 2 but updated for next-gen, with better graphics and physics, bigger city (think Los Santos in the Skate world), more customization etc. But if they could keep that “grittiness” that Skate 2 had it would be great. The derelict areas, the cracks in the ground, the half-demolished buildings, the hobos shuffling around with bottles of alcohol are all things that made 2 seem like being in a real-life grungy city as opposed to the clean cut, cartoonish world of Skate 3 which felt almost dream-like. GTA 5 had plenty of grittiness to it too so Rockstar could replicate that well. My only real issue with Skate 2 was the off-board physics were super clumsy, they improved in Skate 3 but they still seemed a little “off”. If we could have a game with the smoothness of the walking, running and jumping in GTA and the skateboarding of Skate 2 that would be pretty damn perfect. They could also get back the original voice actors and pro skaters and also whoever wrote the dialogue for Skate 2 because that game had more personality and character than 3, which felt kinda dead :/. It sounds like I hate 3 but I actually enjoyed playing it well enough and it even warranted a few replays. I just hate the fact it was massively rushed to shamelessly milk money from the popularity of the last game, which had actual effort put into it.

    But yeah, I guess I’m biased about Skate 2 because that’s like… my game. I played it so much when I was younger, I still play it from time to time. I’m not sure any other skating game could beat it for me but I’d really like to see the series continued but that sadly seems unlikely, but I’ll keep my hopes up. The fact they reprinted Skate 3 shows they’re at least aware the fact people still enjoy playing the games. Or that they just wanted more money. Make of it what you will.

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