Skate 3 Create Upgrade Pack AddOn

Skate 3 Screenshot - Dudes I love this game!!
Skate 3 Screenshot - Dudes I love this game!!

If you are looking to spice-up and completely revamp the parks you can skate in, then the Skate 3 Create Upgrade pack is a must have add-on. This new update, for one of the most popular skateboarding games, lets you take advantage of new gear, different types of objects to shred and customizable skate parks with details unlike you have ever seen. There are plenty of parks that users have just fallen in love with in Skate 3, which also come equipped with a number of great features. However, this add-on, unbelievably, actually takes the quality and level of the skate parts to a completely new level.

For example, Skate 3 Create Upgrade offers new lots, road pieces, and green screen pieces, building facades, new foliage, house pieces, such as roofs and walls, and a tank. As mentioned above, this add-on also offers new gear, but to be users that are more specific can apply new and different hairstyles, outfits, shoes, skateboards and a bunch of other great accessories. Moreover, over, one of the areas where the original version of Skate 3 struggled was the replay editor. However, this add-on goes a long way in helping counter this problem. Some very interesting upgrades in this part of Skate 3 are surely going to turn some heads around.

To give you a better idea of what this new add-on is all about, we should further discuss the added features. Firstly, there are two new skating parks in this version, the ‘Downtown Night Park’ and the ‘Back Lot Park’. There are a total of 11 new terrains, 10 additional branding pieces, 3 more foliage pieces, and 25 new miscellaneous pieces, such as buildings, green screens and walls. Now moving to other characters in add-on The Skate 3 Create Upgrade Pack consists of two of the most popular characters of the gaming franchise. Fabio and Slappy from the first part of Skate can be chosen for the gameplay, but if you prefer new over retro, than the create a player option is perfect for you. Create players that are designed completely based on your preferences and equip them with the hottest gear.

This Skate 3 add-on was released on August 17, 2010

And is the eighth add-on or upgrade that has been released for Skate 3. Add-ons are now considered normal because it helps the developers enhance the original game and game play in a number of different ways. When video games are in the development stages, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different things to look at and all of these things are compiled. Once the preliminary tests are conducted on the gameplay and initial reviews from experts are received, developers start to make changes and exclude a number of original ideas and features from the final version of Skate 3.

There are particular features that developers might be unsure of or uncertain about, which is why they do not want to take the risk of including them because it might cause damage to Skate 3. Most of the time these features are not destroyed; rather they are kept and upgraded over time so that a better version is produced. This is where add-ons play a vital role because developers can make a safe game that will most probably gain positive reviews, which will allow them to sit back and wait to see what users and critics have to say about the game, referring to both positives and negatives.

Add-ons are used to overcome the shortcomings and to add features to keep the users interested and hooked onto the game, until a new version of the game comes out. Moreover, another great advantage of add-ons is that they are cost effective and require little added funds and labor, which makes a profitable option. There are no distribution costs and the profit margin is high. These add-ons, however, are not available in stores, but rather have to be downloaded directly onto the hard drive of the gaming console, PS3 or XBOX.

They can either be purchased from the original websites of the gaming console or the EA Sports online store. However, if you have other methods of downloading it with which you are comfortable with, you can do so. These upgrades are extremely affordable and can be paid for using any credit card. If you love this brand and want to keep yourself up to date with all the latest features and offerings, all you need to do is spend a couple of extra minutes on your gaming console to order it, the rest will take care o itself. If you want to learn more about this game, than there is only one thing that you can do and that is download it yourself.

Skate 3 really Rocks with this Upgrade Pack!

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