Skate 3 San Van Party Pack AddOn

Skate 3 - San Van Party Pack
Skate 3 - San Van Party Pack
San Van Party Pack is the latest down-loadable add-on available for Skate 3, which is one of the most critically acclaimed skateboarding games in the market. This add-on feature, which consists of a number of new objectives, tracks and hidden options, was released on September 21, 2010. One of the features that developers relied on making this add-on for Skate 3 as successful as others was the ability to make your own skate park. This provides the user with the option to customize a skate park according to all of their preferences. The size of the park through to the style of ramps is completely up to the user playing Skate 3. It is bringing your dream park into reality with a touch of some buttons. Players of Skate 3 have just fallen in love with this amazing feature because not many games in the market offer much of a chance to create your own skate park, but San Van Party Pack for Skate 3 hits the spot. In addition to being able to create your own skate park, the latest add-on also has a brand new skate park that is sure to get your gaming juices flowing.

There are many great objectives and new things to try out in this game that will surely enhance the overall gaming experience. However, some gamers might advise anyone planning to try this new add-on for Skate 3, to play the previous add-on versions because it will help in understanding the entirety of the game. Nevertheless, if you ask me, you can jump straight to this specific Skate 3 add-on if you please. Taking the nature of the game into regard, missing a couple of new features will not hinder your overall gaming experience. You will not miss out anything vital because each add-on is completely different and are not dependent on each other.

Now to talk about some of the key new objectives that makes this Skate 3 add-on probably the best on yet. Firstly, there are a number of challenges that will make Skate 3 – San Van Party Pack enjoyable and interesting from the get go, such as the ‘Own the Spot’, ‘Photo’, ‘Film’ and ‘Own the Lot’. These challenges require the user to carry out a number of difficult tricks in various modes, such as the gallery gap line, the quintessential stair, tranny trench and skatepark gauntlet. However, these are challenges that will not take up much of your time, especially if you have been playing Skate 3 for a while.

However, there are some challenges in Skate 3

San Van Party Pack that will take some time and might even result in you wanting to break your controller. Firstly, ‘The Corkscrew’, is one of the hardest tricks to perform. Everyone who is familiar with Skate 3 knows how technique it takes to perform a single loop, but performing two full loops is something that might take you a while. It is a great way to test yourself and perfect your skills. Moreover, the ‘Marraffanator’, or the Skatepark Gauntlet, is one big challenge that is made up of 12 small ones. This is considered the complete challenge because of how it tests all of your skills. However, remember these challenges can get a little difficult and somewhat irritating when you constantly fail. Therefore, instead of quitting and giving up, you can always change the difficulty level down so the gameplay is easier. Once you have learned and perfected the skills on the easier level, you will have a much better chance of performing them on the harder ones.

In addition to the new features of San Van Party Pack, the add-on still keeps itself true to its original game, Skate 3. All of the original favorites, ranging from the graphics, gameplay, characters to the creative zone and skating parks are all still featured in the San Van Party Pack for Skate 3. This add-on is down-loadable content, which simply means that you can download straight into your PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360 gaming console from the internet. There are select websites that you should prefer to download from, such as the official PlayStation 3, the official XBOX 360 website or the home page of EA Sports. You can also download it directly, using the console itself. All you need to do is connect to the internet, via the PS3 Network and XBOX Live, and purchase the download directly from their respective online stores. This is probably the easiest way to download the video game directly onto your console. Another major benefit of Skate 3 – San Van Party Pack is the size, as it only requires almost 470 MB of hard drive space to be downloaded. This add on is then used to update your game automatically and the next time you turn on to play Skate 3, you will have all the great new features and objectives right in front of you. All you need in accessible internet connection and credit card information and in a matter of minutes you will have an updated version of Skate 3.

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